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Over 10 years of experience is shown through their abilities to work with your youth and families to provide you with customized services to fit your needs.

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Stina (STEE-nah) Borth

She/Her • Founder & Learning Support Specialist

Stina Borth, the trailblazing founder and CEO of Keymaker Services Inc., is a renowned productivity expert, helping the world’s smartest professionals become even more productive and innovative. Her unique approach integrates neurodiversity, inclusivity, and simplifies complex human dynamics.

Every professional, every team, and every corporation has a unique dynamic, based on the uniqueness of its employees. Stina believes that by being inclusive, these dynamics can be harnessed to foster innovation, amplify productivity, and cultivate a harmonious workplace environment for all.

She uses tested coaching strategies to help all types of professionals including people with different working styles as well as neurodivergent individuals. This allows them to forge new connections and behaviors by changing work patterns that enhances team work and understanding. By analyzing and demystifying complex workplace dynamics, Stina creates transformative training modules that address and simplify intricacies. These modules not only reduce miscommunication but also focus on accountability, enhance task management, and optimize time utilization through a step-by-step approach.

Stina’s style of coaching has created a reported 48% increase in productivity and revenue as well as showing a significant positive impact in both the personal and professional lives of executives she has worked with.

Furthermore, Stina’s work has a corporate top-down impact. When leaders embrace and implement her strategies, the entire company culture undergoes a transformation. This not only enhances overall output but also fosters a nurturing, understanding, and forward-thinking environment where every employee feels valued and empowered.

She has a rich academic background, holding a BA in Spanish and Teaching English as a Second/Foreign language from the University of Minnesota, and an MA in Education from Augsburg College where she focused on learning, emotional and behavioral needs and disabilities, including research on Best Practices for providing instruction on the topic of mental health maintenance and self-regulation. Stina blends theoretical knowledge with practical insights. Her accolades, including the prestigious 2023 “Brilliance in Education” award, are a testament to her unmatched expertise and unwavering commitment to elevating corporate dynamics.

In a world where business landscapes are ever-evolving, Stina Borth guides professionals and companies toward unparalleled growth, efficiency, and harmony.

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Julie Featherman

She/Her • Counselor, LMHC, LPC, NCC

Julie has had the opportunity to work with clients in a variety of settings, including a non-profit, a crisis stabilization unit, a community mental health agency, and a private practice. She has 20 years of experience in higher education administration and K-12 online education. She has worked with a wide range of clients dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, family and relationship issues, career challenges, as well as extensive training and experience working with clients with body-focused repetitive behaviors such as trichotillomania and skin-picking.

As a Keymaker, Julie provides services in the areas of emotional intelligence, self-regulation, independent lifestyle, self-awareness, self-advocacy, career & college readiness, guardian & family training, and psycho-education. Her counseling style is warm and non-judgmental and she believes in treating all people with respect and compassion. She believes that you are the expert in your life and will work with you to tailor your program plan to meet your unique and specific needs.

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Makeda Thomas

She/Her • Mental Health Professional, Life Coach

Makeda, a Mental Health Professional and Life Coach, with over 15 years of experience working in diverse treatment settings (hospitals, clinics, and educational institutions) utilizes an eclectic approach when working with Keymaker clients. Her specializations include Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Abuse-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Person-Centered and Positive Psychology interventions. Makeda has facilitated individual, group, couples and family sessions to youth, adolescents and adults, as well as, works with individuals from diverse backgrounds, with varying concerns and issues. This includes working with children and their family members in improving executive functioning. Makeda has worked in homes and in the school setting to help children manage their emotions effectively, prioritize tasks, start and complete tasks, maintain their focus on activities, understand and accept different opinions and make positive decisions.

Makeda holds a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, with a focus on multicultural training, and is a PhD candidate, majoring in Counselor Education and Supervision. Additionally, she is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.

As a Keymaker, Makeda helps clients identify their goals, and develop effective, realistic, and appropriate strategies. She has a longstanding passion for inspiring, empowering, educating, and providing others with support and guidance to reach their highest potential. Through her work within different countries and cultures (Canada, the US and Jamaica), Makeda notes that life struggles are universal. She is a change agent creating shifts to enhance clients’ quality of life.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Women’s Issues / Body Positivity / Women in Leadership
  • Therapy with Men
  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement
  • Trauma
  • Life Skills and Life Transition
  • Academic and Career Concerns
  • Abuse Issues and Domestic Violence
  • Parent-Child Issues
  • Family Issues
  • Couples / Relationship Work
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Jason Keatseangsilp

He/Him • Expert Tutor & Teacher

Jason holds an Expert Tutor certification from the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA). He has worked with over 100 students serving as both a private tutor and University of Arizona tutor. He has a BS from the University of Arizona and is currently pursuing a MS from Columbia University.

As a Keymaker, Jason provides academic & developmental services. His approach targets conceptual gaps and reinforces knowledge in a practical and comfortable way for clients. He fundamentally believes each person has the potential for success. He enjoys working with individuals to find success through understanding and mastering concepts.

His experience as a former engineering student, teaching assistant, Team USA wheelchair athlete, as well as his work with students with learning challenges and National Merit Scholar students has helped him develop traits of a quality Keymaker provider: adaptability, patience, compassion, and perseverance.

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Lindsay Waller

She/Her • Expert Teacher and Learning/ Behavior Support Specialist

Lindsay Waller, a board-certified behavioral analyst and licensed teacher with over 6 years of experience, is originally from Cumming, Georgia. She holds a BA in Special Education (Adapted Curriculum), as well as MA in Special Education (Adapted Curriculum) from the University of Georgia. In her career, she has worked with a multitude of learners, across varying disabilities, ages, cultures, and settings. Lindsay has spent 3 years in the classroom setting, teaching and investing in students with cognitive and development delays and learning disabilities, as well as severe problem behavior and major communication deficits. She has spent an additional three years working in clinics, schools, homes, and foster cares working with autistic Individuals, of varying ages, needs, skill sets, and backgrounds to help increase their independence, expand communication, acquire skill acquisition, and reduce maladaptive behaviors.

Lindsay uses a functional, personalized, student-centered, data-driven approach when working with her clients. Her specializations include: increasing independence expanding language and communication, cultivating skill acquisition, behavior management, feeding and sleep issues, improving attention and focus, structuring the environment for success, and assistance in daily living skills. In her experience, Lindsay has utilized her areas of expertise to provide direction in direct support, consultation, advocacy, educational planning, and parent training.

At Keymaker, Lindsay helps clients achieve success through developing an idiosyncratic plan to meet a learner’s specifics needs, as well as implementing evidence-based practices. She believes every student can succeed, but all students learn differently- it is just about adapting learning, presenting the right type of instruction, and meeting the learner and family where they are. She uses a very personalized approach, as she believes the first step to success is building a rapport with and getting to know her learner. She has had a long-established devotion and enthusiasm for giving individuals equal opportunities to succeed, by teaching in a differentiated, idiosyncratic, and empowering way. Her greatest joy is watching those individuals reach milestones in their learning and in their everyday life, as well as easing difficulties for families.

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Avery DeBoer

She/They • Operations Consultant

Avery helps Keymaker Services turn their vision into action. They assist Stina with project management, operational design, and other administrative services. They help, advise, and work magic from the back end so that the Keymaker practitioners can focus on the amazing work they do with clients!

Avery is the owner of Avery Marie Consulting where she helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with their strategy and operations. With a BA in Human Resources Management and Women’s & Gender Studies, and experience in the startup, entrepreneur, and small business world, she enjoys aligning her expertise and background with the needs and goals of her clients.

In her free time, she loves cuddling with her cats, getting outdoors with friends, and exploring new places and activities! They are passionate about intersectional feminism, mindfulness, and putting out a positive, safe, welcoming energy into the world.

Keymakers Services is absolutely wonderful.

Before I started counseling I really thought there was no hope. I was nervous, scared & terrified. Me and Julie clicked instantly, she’s very personable, caring and understanding. She’s extremely educated and knows all the techniques. Her expertise has helped guide me in the right direction. I have made a dramatic amount of changes while working with her, I absolutely do recommend her 1000 times over. She’s wonderful and very helpful.
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