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Service provided directly to the individual for which the services are benefiting.

Academic and Developmental Support

Assist youth with individualized lessons and support to achieve greater academic success. This may include:

  • Grade monitoring
  • Pre- and re-teaching
  • Individualized lessons and support to achieve greater academic success
  • Proctoring (monitoring) tests and assessments
  • Collaborating directly with teachers

Executive Functioning Skills Training and Support

Enable youth to manage their use of time, task completion, and concentration through differentiated training and support.

  • Time management
  • Attention awareness and shifting of focus
  • Initiating and completing tasks
  • Prioritizing and organizing
  • Working memory improvement

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Regulation Training

Improve the youth’s skills interpreting and responding to diverse situations and to act in ways that foster positive emotional and attention regulation, as well as developing and maintaining constructive relationships with others.

Self-Advocacy and Self-Awareness Training

Increase the youth’s awareness of their own skills, interests, needs, rights, and improve their ability to self-advocate.

Independent Lifestyle Skills and Readiness Training

Prepare youth for living independently and managing their own finances, relationships, and goals through individualized instruction.

College, Career, and Workplace Readiness Training

Develop skills necessary to navigate college, career, and workplace requirements and goals.

Private Specialized Education

Support an individual’s unique strengths, needs, and neurodiversity.

Combination Program

Two or more services provided within one session.

Emotional-Social Educational Services

Individualized educational techniques provided by a licensed provider.

Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior Education and Training

Create a healthy way to understand, accept, and manage the functions of BFRBs with effective strategies that take into consideration where the individual is in their desire to make behavioral changes.


Services provided on behalf of or for the benefit of an individual but not directly to the individual (e.g. trainings for the parent benefit the youth, consultation with a teacher benefits the youth).

Program Management

Management of client’s individualized programs, such as:

  • Progress monitoring
  • Custom curriculum development
  • Communication with team (health professionals, teachers, counselors, employers, and advisors)

Guardian Education and Support

Guidance and support provided to guardians, parents, and caregivers targeting skills that best address their youth’s current needs, while supporting guardian understanding and participation in the youth’s current work.


Expert knowledge and guidance related to education, academics, executive functioning skills, self-regulation, self-advocacy, and other related needs.

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