Neurodiversity awareness training & services.

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Neurodiversity Training & Services

Companies that actively embrace neurodiversity in the workplace see 48% increase in employee productivity and 20% increase in employee engagement.

If your company isn’t prioritizing neurodiversity awareness and training, you are losing out: on profits, on cultural improvement, and on loyalty from your people.

Keymaker Services offers tailored workshops and individualized services for companies that recognize the importance of acknowledging and addressing neurodiversity.

How to Work with Keymaker Services…

Option 1: Book a Workshop

  • Become more effective and efficient in the workplace

  • Establish effective team communication and collaboration

  • Leveling up underutilized ability into high-performance outcomes

  • Identify reasonable accommodations & practice sustainable self-accommodation

  • Neurodiversity awareness, sensitivity, and inclusion

All of our workshops are developed to achieve the highest outcome for the organization as a whole.

After data collection and assessment of your company goals and current obstacles, we will tailor the workshop to fit the unique needs of the targeted department, team, or group of individuals.

We offer more topics and will hone in on specific subtopics depending on your needs. Schedule a consultation to discuss your organization’s needs and identify what workshop is best for you.


Option 2: Individualized Services

Individualized direct services for learning and developmental support lead to a 25% greater improvement in skill acquisition and goal attainment compared to group interventions. (American Psychological Association)

We have seen effective outcomes with our group services, and highly recommend them based on a client’s particular needs and budget. But we also have seen the most impactful results from our direct, individualized services.

Including 1:1 services in our partnership with clients is not only a way to address neurodiversity needs in the workplace and at home, but also a way to show your employees that you care and are willing to do more than check a box for employee development.

Introductory package includes:

  • Gain awareness of abilities, strengths, & deficits
  • Custom-tailored tools & strategies
  • Guidance in applying tools & strategies in the workplace

We recommend that you cover the entire cost of services OR provide an allowance for 50-75% of the cost based on your budget and how many employees would be receiving services.


Option 3: Custom Plan

Do you know you need help but are unsure of exactly what you need? Let us help!

Based on experiences with past clients, we’ve found that sometimes it’s easier to have an open conversation with an owner, leader, or department head and make an assessment of where your organization is at. We know that when you’re doing the work and you’re in the weeds, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture.

As experts in all things neurodiversity, there are gaps and obstacles that only we are able to see. Let’s figure this out together!


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She has that rare combination of a warm, compassionate personality that puts everyone at ease, married with pure intellectual genius. She is a master problem solver.
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