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Resources for Parents & Students

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Website for kids who have different ways of learning

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Website for skills practice.

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Website for skills practice.

PainStressCenter - Keymaker Services

Website for information on children’s nutrition, anxiety, ADHD, depression.

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Website about positive discipline and behavior.

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Keymaker makes its own downloadable resources including guides, templates, assessments, worksheets, and more! We add new resources every week, and each one comes with a printable version, an electronically editable version, and a sample version to show you the ropes!


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Academic & Study Skills

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Executive Function

Prep for Your Finals

A guide for planning tasks in the 4 weeks before your final exams, papers, and projects; for high school students

All Kinds of Minds

Training, tools, and resources in support of competency-based learning


Math games, language arts games, and more


Curriculum, assessments, practice modules and subjects using differentiated learning

Executive Functioning: Youth Self-Assessment

Learn more about your executive functioning skills

Executive Functioning: Guardian Assessment of Youth

Assess your youth’s executive functioning skills

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Self-Management (Stress, Emotion, Attention)

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Social Skills

Take a Break & Reset

Reflect on frustrations and stressors; figure out ways to calm down

Pain & Stress Center

Website for information on children’s nutrition, anxiety, ADHD, and depression

Friendship Solar System

Reflect on your friendships, prepare to make new friends, and improve the friendships you do have