Prep for Your Finals



This guide walks you through a planning process for the 4 weeks before your finals begin. If you struggle with knowing how to study, what to study, or how to prepare for projects and papers, this guide will help you!


The Resource

  • Step One: List all the dates of your finals.
  • Step Two: What do you need to do to prepare for the final in each class?
  • Step Three: Identify the four weeks before finals begin or are due.
  • Step Four: Plan out exactly when you plan on accomplishing each task identified in Step Three using a weekly schedule.


The Downloads

  • Printable: Use this if you like to hand-write
  • Editable: A fillable PDF version for you to fill out electronically
  • Sample: If you’re struggling with how to fill out the guide, this is a sample guide so you can see how it works


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