Weekly Schedule Template: Your Best Self’s Week


Organize your week based on how your best self would be spending their time.


Do you sometimes feel like your days and weeks just get away from you? Like you don’t have much control over your time? Use this schedule template! Let’s make room for not only your “have tos” but also your “want tos” like meditating or hanging out with friends.


The Resource

This schedule template will break down what your “best self’s” week would look like, incorporating both your obligations¬†and things you simply want to spend time doing. You will get to choose between 2 different schedule formats so you can find what works for you!


The Downloads

  • Printable: Use this if you like to hand-write
  • Editable: A fillable PDF version for you to fill out electronically
  • Sample: An example that has been filled out for you already; for reference if you get confused


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