Friendship Solar System


Reflect on the friendships in your life to prepare yourself for making new friends and improving the friendships you do have.


Whether you are struggling to make new friends, or struggling to understand the levels of friendships you have in your life now, taking an inventory of all your friends can be helpful! In this activity, you will identify who your friends are, assess what level of friendships you share with them, and reflect on the friendships and potential ways to enhance or improve them.


The Resource

You will understand what the levels of friendship are, and translate that information into a friendship solar system! You will be able to see a template, a sample version, and then have your editable page where you fill out your own friendship solar system. You will have an opportunity to respond to a series of prompted reflection questions related to each friendship in your life.


The Downloads

  • Printable: Use this if you like to hand-write
  • Editable: A fillable PDF version for you to fill out electronically
  • Sample: An example that has been filled out for you already if you need more guidance understanding how to use this resource



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