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Scope & Size

In the dropdown options, you’ll be able to identify what level of outcomes you want, and who will be involved. Here’s a breakdown of your options

Personal Mastery

This tier involves Stina working 1:1 with up to 5 leaders through weekly coaching sessions. She will execute assessments, provide instruction, and guide each leader through tools and techniques for application of concepts. She will also train each leader on how to carry on this work with their team(s).

  • 1 leader
  • 2 leaders
  • 3 leaders
  • 4 leaders
  • 5 leaders

Group Alignment

This tier involves Stina working 1:1 with 1 leader and their team up to 20 people. All of the “Personal Mastery” objectives are included, as well as monthly group sessions for their team.

  • 1 leader + their team of up to 5 people
  • 1 leader + their team of up to 10 people
  • 1 leader + their team of up to 20 people

Organizational Transformation

This tier involves everything included in “Group Alignment,” but duplicated for multiple leaders and their teams. Each leader may have no more than 10 direct reports in their group.

  • 2 leaders + their direct reports
  • 3 leaders + their direct reports
  • 4 leaders + their direct reports


Time & Number of Sessions

For people who just want a taste of our services, we offer a “one-time workshop” where Stina Borth will teach the information, show how to apply new concepts, and offer individualized guidance.

For those who want to see actionable, long-lasting change, we highly recommend choosing either a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month commitment.

For all 3 scopes (Personal Mastery, Group Alignment, & Organizational Transformation), there are weekly 1:1 coaching sessions for individuals, and monthly group sessions for teams. For example, if you choose a 6-month Group Alignment for 1 leader and their team of up to 10 people, that 1 leader will receive weekly 1:1 coaching sessions over the course of 6 months, and Stina will facilitate 6 group sessions for their team.


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We work closely with organizations to figure out exactly what scope, size, and length of time will work best to meet their desired objectives. Schedule a free consultation to discuss further with Stina.

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Personal Mastery, Group Alignment, Organizational Transformation


1 leader, 2 leaders, 3 leaders, 4 leaders, 5 leaders, 1 leader + their team of up to 5 people, 1 leader + their team of up to 10 people, 1 leader + their team of up to 20 people, 2 leaders + up to 10 direct reports for each, 3 leaders + up to 10 direct reports for each, 4 leaders + up to 10 direct reports for each


One-time training, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months


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